Kids and Their Pets

There is always that concern or list of “What if..” that plague our minds when we bring an animal into our homes and having children can make that list seem even more daunting. Rest assured, it’s all going to be ok. Our biggest recommendation is have a list of rules for the pet and the family. For example our trainer, Cynthia, has a “Big Bad List of No-no’s” that she abides by with her dogs. The number one rule is that the dogs are not left unattended with children under 13. This is because, her dogs are very big and can easily knock over small children. Another rule is that treats are only given in a bowl when children are involved. This helps prevent bowl issues, guarding issues and nipped fingers.

Her list isn’t that long and she recommends that there be a list for every animal type in the home. Not every rule will work for every animal, cat’s may prefer to not go for on leash walks, so waiting at the door to go out would not apply. Mean while, having a bird the rules may need to be even more strict with who handles the bird or that hands are washed before handling for safety. Taking everything into consideration and how to best keep everyone safe and happy is the goal with these rules.
We recommend that the rules be hung up where everyone can see them and keep them firm. If there are some that have variables, like the treat rule for dogs above, then be sure to have that on there too. Everyone should know that adults are allowed to give treats by hand, but kids should put them in a bowl. Even guests should know if there are rules to interaction, playtime or even going outside. This will help ease tension, stress and make the transition into the home almost seamless.

Happy training!