Rescue Resolution

Honeymoon Phase

You did it! You rescued a pet from a shelter and probably saved their life. But now what? What does this new normal look like for you and for them?

Did you know, that is can up to a 6 months for a rescue to fully acclimate to a new home? Some adjust faster, like puppies and kittens. Unfortunatelty older dogs and cats can take longer before they will put their guard down and be themselves. We call this time hte Honeymoon Phase.

As time goes on, you may fnid beahviors start to develop that you may (or may not) like. This is your chance to help them learn the house rules. If the behavior is something you like, then enjoy it and praise them. If the behavior they display is one you do not what to continue, try to to discover what reward they are finding in it.

Undesireable behaviors will diminish without reward. In some cases it can take more work then just ermoving rewards. This is where we come in!

We’ll help you and your pet bridge that communication barrier and get on speaking terms once again.