Rescue Resolution

Creatures of Habit

Animals (humans included) do amazing when a schedule is made. When they know when to expect things, like food, potty breaks or play time, they can reserve energy or expend energy when they need to.

Habits also help relieve tension or stress in an animals. When addressing anxiety or stress related behaviors, adding a regimine or schedule seems to lower stress levels.

That also means they will wake you for meal times when you least expect it (Daylight savings time does not exist for cats or dogs) and they will want you to keep the schedule on your days off.

Pets will also deterimne a schedule or rhythm when none are present. You may find your cat meowing for meals while you get redy for work or your dog begging at the table. This is them trying to tell you when they would like to eat. You may even fnid them waiting at the door expectedly before you get home, because they know what you should be there.

These schedules bring order to a chaotic world that your pet is trying to navigate through. Do they need schedules? In short, no. However, many undesirable behaviors can be avoided, prevented or ended by addnig in a schedule.

If you need help figure out a balanced schedule for your pet, contact us. We’ll disucss balancign work, play and training to help fidn the right balance for your pet and you.