Rescue Resolution

Anxious Behavior

I wish i could tell you there was an easy answer to addressing anxiety or stress in your pet. I can tell you, the first step is empowering your pets choice.

Our pets have so little say over what happens in their small world. When we give them the chance to say no or choose to not do something, we see stress begin to reduce in their life. Watching their body language for signs of tension will help you to determine if the situatoin your pet is in is one that you need to remove them from.

When your pet is stressed, they will not process new information. In fact, they won’t even take food. This can be a common sign of stress or anxiety that is Over Threshold. When cortisol releases in their system (from stress) their body turns off the will to take in food. Even if they are super hungry, they can still snub treats.

The best course of action is to reduce the triggers that are causing stress and slowly allow your pet to adjust.

This is where we come in. It can be difficult to determine the reasons for your pets stress or how to reduce them. It can be hard to help them adjust to change or show them how to process it. We can come in and help you teach them.