Puppy Prep


What is it?

Socialization has been misinterpreted over the years as time spent playing with other people and animals. While play can never hurt, socialization isn’t just about play. It’s time invested in teaching our animals how to be comfortable and process through unfamiliar sights, sounds and settings.

This means, for example, teaching your pup how to be ok watching the squirrel without chasing it. Maybe teaching your pup how to wait patiently to be pet by a stranger or not jump when someone asks to pet them. While many of us see this as self control, it’s root is truly socialization.

Without proper socialization our animals can become afraid. This is something no one wants to have happen. The pup that can go outside because the noises scare them, or the adult dog that can’t go in public because they bark at everyone to stay away. These all bounce back to socialization.

“Socialization is building a familiar understanding in an unfamiliar environment.”

C. Complese

How do I introduce it?

Dogs have a natural socialization period between 8 and 12 weeks. While this might be prime time to socialization, it’s not the only time. We can always begin introducing our dogs to new spaces and areas. Remember, these experiences should always be good. So, if taking your dog somewhere is stressful for you or them, call it and seek the help of a positive reinforcement trainer. They can help make the experience safer and less stressful.

That being said, short bursts are the best way to start. Watch your dogs body language to ensure they are still comfortable and content with what is going on. As long as they are happy, continue with the experience. Confidence in new areas is not built over night, but over a period of time using short duration exposures. Again, if you are not sure about the language you are seeing, feel free to contact us with some video and we will happily assist.

Unsure? Reach out!

If you are unsure about anything, have any questions or just want to confirm you are understanding your dogs body language, feel free to contact us. Our certified trainer will be happy to assist you.